All about Jhu

  • Role: Marksman
  • How to get: Heroic Chest, Guild War Shop(Silver Trophy)
  • Artifact #1: Critical hit chance
  • Features: physical DPS, single target, good in boss fights, slightly lower armor penetration
  • Pets: Albus, Fenris


Jhu is a single-target physical DPS (he doesn’t attack multiple targets). He is a critical hero, so his attacks are pretty powerful when paired with Sebastian (and/or Nebula) as support.
However, since his attacks are single-target, if the enemy has rugged heroes like Tanks or a Martha in the front and back row, he may have a problem with it. This “single target hit” feature could cause him not to take down the DPSs, supports, or the healers in the middle position.
In this case, it is necessary to create a situation that Jhu can attack the soft enemies first by using heroes such as Cleaver, who can break the enemy line by their skills.

Because of these features, if you were to ask me, “So should I train him as my first DPS?” I can’t say that I would recommend him.
However, he can be helpful in boss battles in Asgard, Adventure, Outland, etc. After Asgard was implemented, Jhu’s importance has increased significantly, so it is not a bad choice to train him as the first DPS.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Jhu is a good choice for your main DPS, as he can do both as DPS in Arena/Guild Battles and boss battles.
If you are a whale and want to spend a lot of money on this game, you are better off training him as a second DPS after you finish building your first team that is not using Jhu.

The Importance of Winter Skin for Jhu

Jhu's winter skinJhu’s performance is significantly affected by the “Winter Skin” that you can only obtain at the “Winter Fest” event held during the year-end and New Year holidays. Therefore, if you started the game after that event and before the autumn, you have to wait few months for Winter Skin so you should use a different hero instead of Jhu as your main DPS.

I will now explain exactly how that skin will affect his performance.  If you haven’t figured out the relationship between Penetration status(Pen) and Armor/Magic Defense status yet, it will be easier to understand if you check the article below first.

hero-wars-damage-reduction-ratioRelationship between Attack, Defense, and PEN and the amount of damage (damage calculation formula)

Jhu’s maximum armor penetration status with all but Asgard maxed out is as follows

  • With Winter skin 21,855
  • Without Winter skin 11,190

And Jhu’s target, the heroes who are likely to be in the back of the line, have the following armor when maxed out.

  • Lars 14,149
  • Lian 23,945
  • Martha 20,032
  • Jet 15,543
  • Dorian 22,964

As you can see, Jhu without Winter skin can be a potentially fatal problem for his DPS performance, and he can become useless unless he is paired with a hero whose #1 artifact is armor penetration. So if you are planning to train Jhu, please be aware of these facts before you train him.

For reference, the armor penetration of other physical DPS can grow up to the following values.

  • Keira 36,595
  • Ginger 41,820
  • Ishmael 35,080
  • K’arkh 34,600


White: You will not stop me


Jhu becomes enraged for 7 seconds, significantly increasing his attack speed. While enraged, Jhu cannot die.
Speed bonus: 190 (1 * Skill Level + 60)%
When this skill is activated, a white bar will appear, and this will gradually decrease in 7 seconds. During these 7 seconds, the attack speed will increase depending on the skill level, and in addition, as long as this bar is in place, Jhu will not die even if his Health is reduced to zero.

During these 7 seconds, if  energy is stored up to the maximum once again, he can activate this skill again, and another 7 seconds will be added. So theoretically, he could stay alive for the entire battle even if his Health is zero as long as he activates 1st skill every seven seconds.

This is a pretty nasty skill for the opponent. In my own experience, there are many cases where 4 or 5 of my heroes were still alive, and all of the enemies were down except Jhu. But Jhu never went down, and all of my heroes were defeated by the opponent’s Jhu. So sometimes he can be OP DPS lol.

By the way, even if the skills are activated in duplicate, this skill does not increase immortality duration over 7 seconds. For example, if Jhu activates the skill again when the last 1st skill’s effect still has 2 seconds left, it will not increase the time to 9 seconds but add another 7 seconds bar.

Green: I will take your life

Each of Jhu’s attacks deals additional pure damage to the target while sacrificing 2% of their own current health.

Extra damage: 4.6 (0.02 * Skill Level + 2)% of the enemy’s current health
Max damage: 66,581 (35% Physical attack + 345 * Skill Level + 1,500)

Jhu sacrifices his Health to deal pure damage to the opponent, and since sometimes Jhu’s speed will be increased by the first skill, and he has moved faster, the damage dealt by this skill can be pretty high.

There are two things to keep in mind.

  • Deals damage based on the target’s “current” Health
  • There is a maximum damage cap

The XX% of “Extra damage” is calculated based on the target’s remaining Health. It is important to note that the less Health the target has, the less damage he can deal with this skill. (Check out the video above for a better understanding.)

The second thing to keep in mind is that there is a maximum amount of damage that Jhu can deal with by this skill, although this is not a concern in arena or guild fights in the vast majority of cases. This is because even if the target hero’s current Health is 1M, 4.6% is 46,000 damage, which is not enough to reach the damage cap.

In most cases, the boss fights are affected by this damage cap.

Adventure bosses are limited initially to 1% of the boss’s Health in damage per 1 action, but bosses of Asgard have an unbelievable amount of Health, and they have no damage cap per 1 action, so the “Max damage” limit of this skill is not reachable at all. That means that this extra damage is almost fixed by “Max damage” amount for Asgard bosses.

Blue: I see you

For a period of time Jhu, increases his attack power and focuses his attacks on a ranged enemy.

Extra damage: 20,451 (25% Physical attack + 50 * Skill Level + 500)
Duration: 9.25 (0.025 * Skill Level + 6.5) seconds
Cooldown: 18 seconds

When this skill is active, Jhu will attack the enemy at the end of the line, and if Jhu’s boomerang is on fire, it is a signal that this skill is active.

When you use Jhu, it is essential to consider the effect of this skill. It’s a good idea to check your opponent’s lineup (especially the last one) and think if Jhu can take them out before attacking.

For example, if the opponent uses Martha as a healer, she is likely to be at the end of the line. In that case, you may not be able to take her down because Jhu will only attack Tank and Martha. On the other hand, if your opponent has a frail healer or DPS like Thea or Lars at the back of the line instead of Martha, Jhu has a pretty good chance of taking them out from behind.

Violet: The spirits will heal me

If Jhu is not under control effects after the first skill is used, he regenerates some health.

Recovered health: 47,572 (65% Physical attack + 100 * Level + 1,000)

This skill will be activated 7 seconds after the first skill is activated. (when the white bar disappears)

You can check it in the video.

Investment Priorities

Skill Priority

1 > 2 >= 3 > 4

#1 skill should be given top priority. This skill is the most important because it nearly triples his attack speed. Skill #2 is also useful for campaign attacks and Outland boss attacks.

Skill #3 is also important, but it has 6.525 seconds by default and works well even at skill level 1, so #3 is this priority.

Skill #4? I think that skill #4 is not that high of a priority. The amount of heal of this skill is not that great, and the situation where this skill is important is when other allies have already been defeated, and only Jhu survives by repeatedly using the #1 skill. In that situation, it’s not important how much Health Jhu has left, but how many times Jhu can use the #1 skill in a row.

In such a situation, I think it is better to boost firepower by #1 and #2 to increase the damages and speed of skill activation rather than increasing the heal amount by #4.

Skin Priority

Winter >>> Solar >=  Default > Champion

Since Penetration status is a pretty important factor in this game, you should start with the Winter skin, increasing his armor penetration.

Winter skin is only available at Winter Fest, a two-week event from the end of December to the beginning of January. So if you don’t have a winter skin of Jhu, you’ll have to wait until the end of the year. So, in that case, start from Solar skin and then upgrade Default skin, or maybe you should consider switching Jhu to a different DPS because Winter Skin for him is so important.

Champion skins honestly don’t make that much difference whether you upgrade it or not, so if you’re going to upgrade your champion, I recommend upgrading another hero’s skin, such as your tank.

Glyphs Priority

Jhu's Glyph priority
Armor Penetration >>> Critical > Strength >= Physical Attack >>> Health

In any case, armor penetration is a must. I think critical hit is the next priority, but since Jhu’s skills depend on his physical attack status, you may want to increase his strength or physical attack depending on Jhu’s training condition.

Health is good to increase if you have extra Glyphs but maybe better to upgrade other hero’s Glyphs before Jhu’s Health.

Artifacts Priority

1 = 2 > 3

For artifacts, priority is given to #1 and #2, but the order is your choice.


Jhu’s disadvantageous opponents

Since Jhu is a physical DPS, he is not good against dodge team combos such as Aurora or Dante’s (+Cain). Aurora and Dante’s first artifact buffs all enemies dodge, so it will be pretty hard to defeat them.

This is fine in the arena because you only lose one attack, but in a guild battle, if you do this and lose, it will cause a negative atmosphere in guild chat, haha.

Also, since Jhu is critical Hero, his natural enemy is Helios, who is a critical counter.

In addition, it is safer not to attack if the back row is hardened Hero like Martha.

Jhu’s advantageous opponent

If the enemy doesn’t have a hero whose Artifact #1 is Dodge, and the end of a line Hero is a fragile hero, he’s easy to bait for Jhu.

How to Get Jhu

Jhu’s Soul Stone can be obtained by exchanging 65 Silver Guild War Trophies at the Guild War Shop.

However, since silver trophies can be used to level up totems, I don’t recommend that you actively exchange them in the store.

Collect them from the Soul Stone Chests that you can get from the 28th day of the Daily Bonus or from big events like Halloween.