• Role: Marksman (AoE Physical DPS)
  • Soul Stones: Heroic Chest, Campaign (Chapter 3, 4, 7)
  • Artifact #1: Physical Attack
  • Features: Basic attack is Multi-Target, Soul Stone is easy to get early on
  • Pet: Albus, Fenris


Keira is a physical DPS whose basic attack becomes an all-out attack if you grow her up to blue.

She’s the DPS at the core of a combo called the “Blender”. There was a time when the trend was to team her up with Sebastian, Jet, or Nebula and attack hard and quickly with a high-powered multi-target attack.

However, nowadays, the number of people who use that combo seems to be decreasing, probably because it can be quickly countered by heroes such as Aurora with Cain, Corvus, Yasmin, etc., which heroes everyone uses rather often.

Another problem with Multi-target is that the opponent’s energy is stored up very quickly; if Keira attacks all the enemies with a Multi-target attack, all the enemies’ energy will be stored up, and the battle will be overturned in an instant.


Here are the stats at level 130, Red +2, with all equipment, skins, artifacts, etc. maxed out (Excluding Asgard)

  • Power: 13,1219
  • Intelligence: 2,458
  • Agility: 13,177
  • Strength: 2,980
  • Health: 245,677
  • Physical Attack: 80,283
  • Magic Attack: 7,374
  • Armor: 21,967
  • Magic Defense: 6,537
  • Armor penetration: 36,595
With Asgard Status
  • Power: 168,767
  • Intelligence: 2,458
  • Agility: 15,387
  • Strength: 2,980
  • Health: 392,957
  • Physical Attack: 101,798
  • Magic Attack: 7,374
  • Armor: 32,185
  • Magic Defense: 14,283
  • Armor penetration: 46,725


White: Blade Whirlwind


Keira launches a whirlwind of blades. The blades reach the furthest enemy and then return, dealing damage to enemies as they fly and silencing them for 4 seconds on their way back.

Hit damage: 37,039 (30% Physical attack + 50 * Skill Level)
Chance to silence is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Damages are powerful, but sometimes 4-second silence effect is surprisingly annoying than damages for opponents. And since Keira is good at fast attacks, there are quite a few cases where 4 seconds of silence become fatal for an opponents.

Green: Enraged Soul


Keira’s speed increases for 5 seconds.

Attack and skill speed increased by 300% (1 * Skill Level + 170)
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Initial cooldown: 11 seconds

When you level up this skill, her attack speed can go up to three times faster, which is pretty fast. This means that she will do 15 seconds of action in 5 seconds(1/8 of 2 minutes battle).

In the default skin, you will wear a blue aura while activating this skill. In this video, she attacks four times during the five seconds.

Blue: Dancing Blades


Passive skill. Keira’s basic attack can ricochet between enemies. The ricocheting blade deals 25 (25)% of basic attack damage on each hit.

Chance to ricochet is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

From blue color forward, when this skill is unlocked, Keira will be a multi-target (AoE) DPS.

This skill deals 25% of physical damage to the second hero and behind. In addition, if she turns purple, she may deal additional PURE damage with her #4 skill.

Violet: Piercing Pain


Passive skill. If the enemy’s armor is lower than Keira’s armor penetration, her basic attack deals extra damage.

Extra damage: 16,680 (10% Physical attack + 50 * Skill Level + 2,000)

Keira’s Armor Penetration is one of the highest in the game, so basically this skill will work on most enemies. In other words, Keira needs to increase her Armor Penetration stats as much as possible in order to trigger this skill. However, it is no different for other DPS to increase Penetration as much as possible, so let’s just prioritize Penetration over other stats.

In the video, you can see the pure damage of this skill on the three heroes behind her whose Armor is lower than Keira’s Armor Penetration.

Investment Priorities

Skill priorities

3 > 1 > 4 > 2

Honestly, it’s hard to decide which skills to prioritize; all of Keira’s skills are important. Try to make #1 and #3 at least higher than the level of the opponent’s hero.

The #3 skill is important for making her basic attacks multi-target, but the #4 skill is also important for extra damage.

However, while the success rate of the #1 skill’s silence depends on the skill level, the #4 skill can do extra damage itself even at level 1. So I think it’s better to prioritize #1 over #4.

Skin priorities

Winter ( Armor Penetration) > > Default (Agility) > Blooming/Devil (Physical Attack)

Because of skill #4, Winter Skin is the highest priority for Keira. 

Winter skins are only available at the New Year’s event. The lack of Winter Skin is fatal to Keira, so if you don’t have her Winter Skin and are reading this article from February to Autumn, maybe you should consider switching your DPS to a different hero. 

Glyphs priorities

Armor Penetration > Armor > Health > Agility > Physical Attack

Armor Penetration is the highest priority. You may think that Physical Attack is next, but Keira is a very fragile hero, both in terms of status and position, so increase her durability with Armor and Health.

If you want to build a critical team and make a fast attack line, you can give priority to  Physical Attack than Armor.

Artifact priorities

2(Armor Penetration) >= 1(Physical attack) > > 3(Agility)

If her Armor Penetration has been fully developed with others like skins and equipment, let’s give priority to Artifact #1.