Hero Wars is healer Thea good or bad?


  • Features: Healer at backline / Healing power is not so great / 3rd skill is good / After Asgard’s implementation, more and more people are training Jhu, her counter, so it’s a tough situation for her.
  • Role:Healer, Support
  • Soul Stones: Heroic chest, campaign(2, 4, 7)
  • Artifact #1: Magic Defense
  • Pet: Merlin, Mara, Axel
  • Special:Grove Keeper
She is the first healer available, and Soul Stones are available from the beginning of the campaign mode, so she is a good healer in the early game.

Is she useful as a late-game healer?

One problem with using Thea as a late-game healer is that her ” healing ability is not that great ” compared to Martha and Celeste. This is due to two reasons: she has only two healing skills, and the amount of healing by those skills is small for having only two healing skills.

Frankly, because of these issues, she is very often replaced by healers such as Martha, Celeste, and Dorian, who are available as the game progresses.
However, healers other than Thea are difficult to obtain Soul Stones for, except for Maya, and although Maya is a healer, she is essentially a DPS, not a healer. Celeste, a good healer, can be obtained in the campaign mode, but Celeste’s Soul Stones only appear after Chapter 14, so they are also difficult to obtain.

After the implementation of Asgard, more people are training Jhu
Simply put, consider that the number of people training Thea’s counters has increased overwhelmingly.
After the implementation of Asgard, it became almost essential to develop the combo of Jhu + Nebula + Sebastian, which can do a lot of damage to the Asgardian boss.
And Thea cannot stand the combination of these guys who attack in the last line of the team. Martha, the hardest back line healer, can also be killed depending on the critical judgment, so developing Thea may not be recommended at the moment.


White: Solar Sanctuary

Heals the ally with the lowest health.
Maximum healing: 74,097 (65% of Magic attack + 60 * skill level + 200)

Green: Healing Beam

Heals the ally with the lowest health.
Maximum healing: 82,062 (55% Magic attack + 75 * skill level)

Blue: Vow of Silence

Violet: Second Wind

Ascension Skills

Green: Radiant Healing Beam

After Thea uses Healing Beam, the allied target takes 50% less damage for the duration of 5 seconds.

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