• Features: An offensive tank, he can be useful in the early to mid-game but tends to lack firepower in the late game.
  • Role: Tank in the front
  • Soul Stones: Heroic Chest, Campaigns(Chapter2, 5, 7), Paid Bundles
  • Artifact #1: Physical Attack
  • Pet: Oliver, Fenris, Albus, Biscuit
  • Special: Blessed

Galahad is kind of the main protagonist of the game.
He is the first hero you get and is one of the most useful tanks from the very beginning to the middle of the game, but he will become a weaker tank as the team of players around you on the same server gets stronger. (See below section for the reasons).
So, on older servers, there are only a few top players who use him.

Personally, I don’t recommend you develop Galahad because, in this game, you can’t do things like removing equipment and putting it on another hero, so if you want to switch to another tank after you have developed Galahad to some extent, you must waste the resources you have spent on him.

If you are interested in developing Galahad, please read the section “Why Galahad becomes relatively weak in the late game” below to understand why before developing him.


White: Iron Skies

Galahad brings down swords of justice on the enemies’ heads.
Maximum: 25,822 physical damage (30% of Physical attack + skill level x 60)

Galahad deals physical damage to the opponent twice each.

After Violet, the #4 skill (passive skill) is unlocked when this skill is activated, which adds pure damage to this skill.
The damage of the first skill is physical damage, so it is affected by the opponent’s Armor status, while in the case of the #4 skill, it is pure damage, so the value of the status goes to the opponent as it is.

Green: Unstoppable Charge

Dashes forward, removing control effects and dealing damage to enemies nearby.
Maximum: 36,537 physical damage ( 50% of Physical attack + skill level x 50)

The amount of damage is not great.But tackled opponents will be pull-backed, so this skill can be used for the purpose of breaking the front line.

Blue: Retaliation

Performs a special move, striking the enemy with the lowest health.

Maximum: 53,559 physical damage ( 80% of Physical attack + skill level x 50

Some, such as K’arkh, have a skill like this one that attacks opponents with low remaining Health, but unlike them, who are DPS, it would be difficult to finish them off with this because Galahad is a tank and has low firepower.

Violet: Harun’s Pride

The Iron Skies skill now deals extra pure damage.
Maximum: 15,265 pure damage (20% of Physical attack + skill level × 25 + 1,000)

Additional pure damage is added when the 1st skill is activated. The damage calculation formula depends on Galahad’s “Physical attack status + skill level.”
Since it is pure damage, not like physical/magic damage , the number of damage displayed in the status is directly the number of damage to the opponent.
However, 4th skill is always activated when the 1st skill is activated, so the buff of artifact #1 (Physical attack) is added to damage formula of this skill.

Calculation without artifact buffs (on status)
60,074 * 0.2 + 90 * 25 +1000 = 15,264

Actual damage (maxed out Artifact #1 activated)
(60,074 + 21357)*0.2 + 90 * 25 +1000 = 19,536

Development Priorities

Skin Priorities

Romantic(Armor) > Celestial(Magic defense) >>> Default(Strenght) > Champions(Champion) >= Angelic(Physical attack)
He is a tank, so Romantic skin (Armor) is the first priority. The next best is Celestial skin, which increases Magic defense, and the next is Default skin.
The remaining Angelic and Champion are a matter of preference. You might think, “Well, he’s a tank, so shouldn’t he have more Health? You may think so, but considering the maxed-out status, the maximum Health is over 1 million, so raising it by about 100,000 with a skin becomes a level of error.
Since all of Galahad’s skills depend on his “Physical attack status,” you should raise them in the order of Angelic if you want to give priority to firepower and Champion if you want to give priority to defensive power.

If it were me, I wouldn’t expect him to have the firepower, to begin with, so I would raise Angelic.

Glyph Priorities

Armor >>> Magic Defense > Strength >= Physical Attack >= Health
Develop his Glyph at a ratio of about “Armor:Magic Defense -> 8:2” and then work on the others after the Armor is maxed out.

Artifact Priorities

2nd >>> 1st > 3rd
It is recommended that Galahad’s 1st and 3rd artifacts are developed after the DPS’s artifacts development is done.

Why Galahad is relatively weak in the late game

Galahad is strong in the early game, but from the mid-game (when his power reaches around 70,000), he becomes relatively weak compared to other top-tier tanks.

Most players realize Galahad is weak around this point and stop training him. On the older server, in the gold league and up to about 100th place in the arena, there are few people using Galahad. On my server(3years+) there are actually 0 top player using him.

I will explain why Galahad becomes relatively weak. There are two reasons: lack of firepower and no special abilities.

Lack of firepower

Galahad has enough firepower in the early game to be considered a damage dealer, but from mid-game onward, his firepower becomes overwhelmingly inadequate. The reason is simple: he does not have Armor Penetration status. Galahad’s Armor Penetration status cannot be increased, while his opponents, whether Tank or DPS or Support, gradually increase their Armor as they develop, which means that Galahad’s firepower relatively decreases as time passes on the server.

The attack of a hero like Galahad, who does not have Armor penetration status, will be affected by the opponent’s Armor values.

To explain this in concrete numbers, as shown in the table below, an opponent with 1,000 Armor will reduce 25% of the physical damage from Galahad, 3,000 Armor will reduce 50%, and 8,000 Armor will reduce 72%.

Defensive PowerDamage Reduction Rate

If this is in the early game, the opponent’s Armor is only about 1,000 (25% reduction) or so, so Galahad can deal 7,500 damage to the opponent. In the late game, most heroes have more than 9,000 Armor (75% reduction), so Galahad’s damage will be nullified by more than 75%. (Armor of a maxed-out tank will go over 50,000, and the reduction rate is 94.34%).

The later game, the more the opponent’s Armor and Health increases, the less damage Galahad can deal without Armor penetration status.

For a detailed explanation of Armor and Penetration, read the following article.
hero-wars-damage-reduction-ratioRelationship between Attack, Defense, and PEN and the amount of damage (damage calculation formula)

Galahad can have his pet Fenris as a patron, so it is possible to add penetration, but to be honest, I personally do not think it is a good idea to put Fenris on a tank who is supposed to be a protector in the front.

No useful special abilities

Galahad’s special abilities are basically “area attack by 1st skill” and “tackle (breaking line) by 2nd skill”.

As explained earlier, the firepower by Galahad will relatively weaken overtime on the server, so the less powerful 1st skill will no longer be considered a special ability. In terms of damage dealing, many DPSs can do more damage efficiently. Even with Tanks, Aurora’s firepower is much higher.

Then, the only special ability left is tackling by the 2nd skill, but it is not as good as the other tanks’ special abilities.
For example,
Cleaver: pulls opponents in the back row to the front row,
Astaroth: revives teammate
Rufus: never be dead by magic/pure damage.

I will end with this, but for these reasons, I do not recommend developing Galahad.