Event: Time of the Fearless

Time of the Fearless

This article will explain the skin event “Time of the Fearless” in the browser version of Hero Wars (hero-wars.com/facebook). This event differs from the ordinary skin event and is a sub-event associated with other events like the x4 event etc.


This event used to be held between the weekend events, but nowadays it is almost always set as a sub-event of the x4 sale.

I think it’s a good event because even non-paying(F2P) players can complete all the quests and the rewards are not bad for the difficulty level.

It may not be sufficient for the whale players , but it’s much better than the x4 sale, which used to be a standalone event without this sub-event.

Items you can win

  • Energy: 300
  • Skin Stone Chests: 225(2,250 stones)
  • Outland Coins: 2,000
  • Skin Stones: 385 each
  • Arena/Tower Coins: 500 each
  • Gold: 2,060,000


This event is a kind of sub-event and the rewards are lower than the regular skin event due to the lower difficulty of the quests. If you are new to the game, be careful not to confuse this event with the regular skin event.

What you need to pay special attention to is the skin stone chests (treasure chests) you can get. The chests you get from normal skin events and the outland store contain 150 stones each, but the chests you get from this event are smaller and only contain 10 stones each.

So when you first see this event, you may think, “Wooooow I can get a total of 225 chests? That means… 33,750 skin stones! Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!” But since there are only 10 stones in a small chest, the total is only 2,250 skin stones.


Note: OC = Outland Coins

Welcome Guest(Login -> Energy)

This quest is kind of a login bonus.

You can get 300 energy from this quest, which is quite helpful for completing the energy spending quest.(“Incredible Tenacity” Quest)


Special Invitation(VIP Level -> Skin Stone Chests + OC)

Depending on your VIP level, you will receive a Skin stones Chest and Outland Coins. Well, I don’t really have anything to comment on this as it depends on your  VIP Level.

Get the rewards as VIP level is, according to your paying pace. Don’t spend too much for the game lol.

VIP LevelStone ChestsOC

Incredible Tenacity(Spending Energy -> Red Skin Stones + OC)

This is the quest in which you can get Skin Stones and Outland Coins (OC) depending on the amount of energy you spent during the event.

In a typical event, the energy required to complete an energy spending quest will exceed like 8000 or 10,000, 13000 energy so we can say this is an affordable quest. (The rewards themselves are smaller than a typical event, though)

Energy spentOutland CoinsSkin Stones(Red)

Otherworldly Summons(Opening Outland chests -> Purple Skin Stones + OC)

Depending on the amount of chests you open in Outland, you will get purple skin stones and Outland coins.

You only need 11 chests to open to complete this quest, so don’t open the Outland chests until the event starts time on Day 1, and open additional chests on the last day from 5 AM to event ending time. 3 x 4 days will allow you to complete the quest to the end with only free ones.

Outland ChestsOutland Coins Skin Stones(Purple)

Team Morale(Getting Hero Soul Stones -> Blue Skin Stones + OC)

You will receive Outland Coins and Skin Stones based on the amount of Soul Stones you summon during the event.

If you open the free Heroic Chest after the event starts, and collect Soul Stones from the Merchant’s stores (Friendship Shop, etc.), you can collect about 40-50 Soul Stones without spending gems. (It depends on how many coins you have saved up)

Soul Stone chests that contain 50 or 100 Soul Stones can be obtained on the 28th day of the login bonus, or at big events such as Halloween, but these chests are rather valuable, so I recommend opening them at other events.

Soul StonesOutland Coins Skin Stones(Blue)

Martial Glory(Fighting in Arena / GA -> Arena Coins + Gold)

You will receive Arena Coins and gold for every battle you fight in the Arena and Grand Arena. Please note that defense does not count.

This is kind of a bonus, but if you are in the early stages of the game, be sure to attack during the event period, as you will be chronically short of gold.

FightingArena CoinsGold

Halls of the Old Ones(Opening Tower Chests -> Tower Coins + Gold)

You will get Tower Coins and gold depending on how many chests you open in the tower.

The amount of opening chests required to complete the quest is a bit high, so if you’re low level like between 35 and 50, it might be tough for you. Even if you can make it to the top of the tower every day, if you forget to do the tower for a day, it will be tough to complete the quest. So make sure you don’t miss out on attacking the tower during the event. (The tower is a very good place to get free gold and items, so it is recommended to do it every day regardless of there is an event or not.)

Tower ChestsTower CoinsGold

Triumph of Tenacity(Number of completed quests ->Skin Chests + Gold)

You will receive Skin Stone Chests based on the number of quests you complete for each quest during this event.

Each quest is not difficult, but getting 150 small skin chests (1500 skin stone equivalent) is good for beginner to pro players. If you’re a beginner or F2P player, these almost free skin chests and gold are very attractive, so no matter what your playing style is, you definitely should aim to complete  38 quests and get them.

QuestsSkin Stone ChestsGold

Events especially friendly to F2P players

I’ve explained the “Time of the Fearless” event from the overview to each quest, and I think you get the point that it’s an easy event to complete.

The main reward, the skin chests, is equivalent to 15 regular skin chests (150 chests), so it’s not that much, but the advantage of this event is that even F2P(free to play) users can almost certainly complete the quests.

There are no quests that require gems, which is the biggest obstacle for F2P users, and the energy requirement is 2100, so it’s not an impossible amount.

If you’ve saved up the 500 Energy distributed for free on Facebook (FB version), Twitter (web version), etc., you can probably complete the event easily.