Qing Mao

Qing Mao Hero Guide


  • Role:Warrior (Physical DPS)
  • Features: Has dodge status, can lower armor of opponents, strong against boss battles
  • Main Stat: Agility (Blue Stones)
  • Position: Front line
  • Soul Stones: Heroic Chest, Outland store
  • Artifact #1: Armor Penetration
  • Pets: Albus, Cain, Fenris
  • Special:
The most important features would be the 3rd skill, that “deals XX% damage to the opponent’s remaining Health,” and the 4th skill, that “reduces the opponent’s armor each time she attacks.” She also has Dodge status.

The number of people using her decreases after mid-game. This is because, yes, she can be useful in some boss fights, and she is not 100% clunker, but she is still an “okay choice” as a main DPS.
For physical DPS, Dante and Ishmael, whose Soul Stones are easy to get, have been improved, so I do not recommend her as your first main DPS. I recommend switching to Dante or Ishmael unless you are very fixated on them.


White: Qing Long


Summons a dragon spirit that hits the nearest enemies three times, burning them for 5 seconds, pushing them back and damaging them.

Maximum damage per hit: 34,739 physical damage(30% Physical attack + 75 * Skill Level)
Maximum flame damage: 20,559 pure damage(20% Physical attack + 30 * Skill Level

This skill allows her to push the front opponents backwards. As the front line opponents will be pushed deeper and deeper into the back, the targets of her 4th skill will increase.

Green: Spear of Dawn


This skill is very useful against physical DPS on the front lines, e.g. K’arkh, Dante, Ishmael, etc.

Blue: Dragon’s Claw


Violet: Open Heart


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