Faceless guide


  • Role: Mage, Control
  • Features: He can copy the skills of other heroes (whether enemies or allies).
    Soulstones are one of the easiest to get in the game.
    Only a few combos are seen with anyone other than K’arkh.
    He is not a versatile hero, as teams with synergy with him are limited.
  • Main Stat: Intelligece
  • Soul Stones: Friendship Shop (spend friendship chips from guild members)
  • Artifact #1: Magic Penetration
  • Pets: Merlin, Mara, Axel, Biscuit, Khorus
  • Special:

Faceless’s Soul Stones can be easily obtained from the Friendship Shop of the merchant, so Faceless is relatively easy to collect Soul Stones compared to other heroes in this game. If you are in a guild, you can get him to 6 stars regardless of the guild’s league or strength. (However, if your guild has many inactive members, it will take longer.)

Compared to other support and control heroes such as Sebastian and Isaac, he is necessarily limited in the situations in which he can be useful. Therefore, unless you have K’arkh as your main DPS, it is recommended that you develop Faceless after you have developed the other heroes.


White: Doppelganger


Turns into the enemy or ally who was the last one to use the first skill, and then uses that skill.

Copied ability gains level 260 (2 * Skill Level)

Faceless copies the 1st skill of the other hero that was activated just before this skill was activated. The best solution for this skill is basically in manual combat when both the target and Faceless have enough Energy to press the target’s skill -> Faceless’s skill in succession. (I don’t think there are many situations where you would want to copy an opponent’s skill).
Basically, Faceless is used in a combo with K’arkh. Specifically, when K’arkh activates his 1st skill, Faceless will copy it and deal massive damage to 3 targets x 2 times with this skill.

Skills copied with this skill will double the skill level, but honestly, don’t expect much there. There are almost no combos that benefit from this.

Also, keep in mind that even if you copy the skill, the power of the skill depends on the status of Faceless, not the targets. By the way, if he copies K’arkh’s skills, he can do damage with K’arkh’s power regardless of Faceless’ status because K’arkh’s 1st skill is just for “lift and stun,” and his 3rd skill is the one that actually does the damage.

Green: Power Throw


Raises the nearest enemy above the ground, then drops them at the center of the enemy team. Deals damage and stuns all enemies in the effective range for 2 seconds. (Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130.)

Maximum Damage: 37,896 magic damage (30% Magic attack + 15 * Skill Level)
Cooldown: 13 seconds

The first activation occurs about 8 seconds after the start of the battle, so if you patronize him with Mara to maximize the stun time, you can discourage your opponent from starting. (Although Arachne is far more useful for the same purpose.)
If the opposing team has a maxed-out Sebastian, Sebastian’s debuff nullification will be in time before Faceless activates this skill, but if the opposing team’s Sebastian is not as developed, you can stun the enemy before Sebastian’s first skill activation.

Blue: Arc Lightning


Throws a ricocheting magic missile that hits 3 enemies. Deals damage and lowers the targets’ physical attack for 4 seconds.

Maximum Damage: 41,096 magic damage (30% Magic attack + 45 * Level + 200)
Physical Attack reduction: 1,950 (15 * Skill Level + 300)
Cooldown: 18 seconds

This is a nearly meaningless skill, so don’t mind about it.

Violet: Spell Expert

Passive skill. Increases the team’s magic defense.

Magic defense: 3,300 (30 * Skill Level + 600)

This is a passive skill, so the Magic defense of the entire team is automatically increased when Faceless is on the team.

Development Priorities

Skill Priorities

1 = 2 > 4 > 3
1st and 2nd skills are directly related to the success rate of the skill, so try to keep them above the hero level of the opponent you usually face in an arena or guild battles.

4th skill should only be increased if you can afford it.
3rd skill is not that powerful, so if you don’t have enough gold to spend, you will be happier to spend your gold on leveling up the skills of tanks and other DPS.

Skin Priorities

Default (Intelligence) > Demotic (Armor) > Masquerade (Health) > Stellar (Magic attack) = Solar (Magic attack)
To be honest, Faceless does not need to improve his skin that much. This is because his role is a control hero, not a damage dealer(DPS).

If you are developing a hero who is a DPS or healer who needs intelligence skin stones (the purple ones), I think you should put your resources into them.

Glyph Priorities

Intelligence >= Health > Magic Penetration > Magic attack > Physical attack

Glyphs also do not need to be increased except for Intellect and Health.

Even if you upgrade his attack power, he will only do so-so damage on his 2nd and 3rd skills, so just leave it.
Prioritize the training of other heroes’ glyphs, such as DPS and tanks.

Artifact Priorities

1st >= 2nd > 3rd

If you put him in a magic team, the 1st skill will be beneficial, so develop it with the highest priority.
If you are teaming him with K’arkh, it is almost perfectly fine in the extreme not to develop the Faceless artifact.