• Role: Mage, Control
  • How to get: Heroic Chest, Chapter11-13, Events, Bundles
  • 1st Artifact: Magic Attack

Krista is a DPS(attacker) of the magic team. With his twin brother Lars, “Twins Combo” is pretty famous and many people are using this combo because that combo is so strong.
Krista is not strong without Lars, so make sure to use her with her brother.

The position of Krista in the battle is normally just behind Tanks, like other front DPSs Satori, K’arkh, Keira, etc. But Krista has great protect skill(4th) and can absorb damage maximum 86%. So sometimes she can stand long even after Tank fall over.



The following status is the maximum status of Krista on FB ver. (Lv130, Red+2, Maxed skin, etc.). In mobile ver(iOS/Android), the maximum status is a bit lower because the Lv cap on mobile is 120 and no Red color.

  • Power:132031
  • Intelligence: 14519
  • Agility: 3049
  • Strength: 2784
  • Health: 415120
  • Pythical attack: 20695
  • Magic attack: 97839
  • Armor: 23216
  • Magic defense: 24883

Krista’s maxed-out-stats(click to enlarge)

About Mark of Water

If you want to use Lars and Krista, You must understand how “Mark of Water” works. It is pretty important to increase Lars’s magic damage by his 2nd and 3rd skill.
For further information about “Mark of Water”, please check the article below.
Basic Strategy for Twins (Lars + Krista) Combo


Ice Vengeance

(25% Mag. atk. + lvl * 50): 30960 maximum
Hits enemies one by one with 5 ice crystals, dealing area damage.

Keep in mind that these 5 crystals deal AREA damage. It means an enemy far from a crystal does not lose health. It’s important when you use this skill with Lars’s 1st storm.
If you used Krista’s 1st skill too fast and left crystals on a front line of opponents, those crystal does not deal decent damage to enemies. Use this skill just after Lars’s 1st skill’s activation, not before. 0.5~1 sec interval is best I think.

Chains of Frost

(5% Mag. atk. + lvl * 10): 6192 maximum
Krista hits the enemies in the center of an enemy’s team, temporarily reducing their magic defense and applying a Mark of Water to them.

You can check this de-buff is on or off by “blue shield mark” next to the “Mark of Water”.
The effect of this skill is the same as “Magic Penetration” increasing. I’m not sure this skill will decrease an opponent’s magic defense under 0 but probably you can’t make it under 0 same like Magic Pen.

Frozen Needles

(12% Mag. atk. + lvl * 25 + 500): 14991 maximum
Freezes the ground under the feet of an enemy’s team, filling the zone with ice thorns. Any movement through the area deals damage to enemies. When the thorns melt, all heroes standing on them get a Mark of Water.

This skill is most important for Twins Combo. The greater part of damages by twins are coming from the combination of this skill and Lars’s 1st skill.
This skill deals damage to enemies who are moving… and Lars’s 1st skill force enemies to move to the storm.
So right activation timing is the most important factor for this combo. If you used Lar’s 1st with no Needles or Needles melting, Krista’s Frozen Needles can’t maximize damages.

Tips1: These frozen needles disappear in 8 seconds.
So once needles summoned, use Lar’s 1st skill in  5-6seconds. If needles are already melting, don’t use Lar’s 1st and just wait for the next needles.

Tips2: Turn sound effects on
In the battle crowded with other skill effects, sometimes you miss or forget the timing you should use Lars’s 1st skill. I strongly recommend checking Frozen Needles summoning by sound effects. The cue sound is like “Phweerr”.


(lvl * 0.4 + 50) : 86% maximum
When in danger of taking major damage, Krista summons an ice block that protects the caster for 2 s. by partially absorbing any incoming damage.

She can absorb huge amounts of damages.

She must be frozen for 2 seconds each time she used this skill. If 4th skill is activated while other skills activation motion is ongoing and not activated yet, those skills are canceled forcibly. (If it was activated before she is frozen by 4th skill, those skills are effective)

Develop Krista

Skill Priority

3rd > 1st >= 4th > 2nd

3rd is the key to the Twins combo. Also 1st and 4th…
Even 4th skill is low, Krista will be frozen for same amount of time anyway so it’s better to lv it up.

Skin Priority

Default > Cybernetic >= Devil >= Masquerade
Krista’s Skins are hard to decide. Default and Masquerade have no disadvantages, but the other two do have some disadvantage.
That’s because of the 4th skill. When Krista gets hit with “major damage”, her 4th skill will block the damage by up to 86%. This skill has the downside of freezing Krista for 2 seconds, but this amount of damage cutting is not small.

However, if you boost Cybernetic or Devil skin, there is a possibility that the damage will no longer be considered as “major damage”.
In Cybernetic’s case: There is a big difference between 40,000 damage out of 100,000 health and 40,000 damage out of 200,000 health.
In Devil’s case:Imagine the original damage was 50,000, which is reduced to 7,000 damage by the 4th skill. Now, with enhancing Armor by Devil skin, the original damage is reduced to 40,000 damage, and if it is no longer “major damage” for her, then all of the 40,000 damage will be delivered to Krista.

In these cases, Krista has the advantage that Krista does not freeze for two seconds. So it’s hard to say that these Skins are good or bad to boost.

For these reasons, I recommend raising Default and Masquerade when you are in doubt.
But Cybernetic and Devil are great skins…yeah hard to chose.
In MY opinion, the priorities are as follows
Default > Cybernetic >= Devil >= Masquerade

Default skin
skin stone to max: 30825
Intelligence +1365 
 = Magic Attack + 4095
    Magic Defense + 1365
    Physical Attack + 1365

Magic Attack  +10650 
skin stone to max: 55410

When you spend almost the same amount with Maxed default skin(30,870 stones) to Masquerade(lv43) , Magic attack will be + 5960.

Armor  +10650 
skin stone to max: 55410

Health +106645
skin stone to max: 55410

Glyphs Priority

Intelligence > Magic Attack > Armor/Magic Defense >= Health

Go Intelligence first then Magic Attack.
Armor / Magic Defense / Health are also important. Change priority by battle results. 
If your Krista dies fast by Physical attack, go Armor. 
Also by Magic attack, go Magic Defense.
Pure attack, go Health.

Artifacts Priority

2nd >= 3rd >= 1st

If your team doesn’t have a hero who has “Magic attack” for 1st artifact (like Jorgen, Celeste), the 1st Artifact of Krista becomes so important. If your team has, then not so much priority of artifacts for her.


Twins are for twins combo. So with Lars of cause. Then choose Tank, Support, Healer.
Jorgen, Celeste is good for Twins’ support because 1st Artifacts of them are Magic Attack.
The classic team is like Astaroth / Krista / Jorgen / Lars / Martha.
Basic Strategy for Twins (Lars + Krista) Combo

Soul Stones

No shops sell soul stones of Krista. You can get it by Heroic Chest (spending gems). Also, Chapter 11-13 of Champaign mode but it’s a bit far away for beginners.