Basic Strategy for Twins (Lars + Krista) Combo

In this article, I’ll be explaining the classic combo of twins (Lars + Krista).
If you don’t understand exactly “what their skills are” and “what is Mark of Water” yet, it’s hard to be good at using this combo. So please check out the article below for more information about Lars and Krista’s respective skills.

Mark of Water

It is essential to understand the Mark of Water to use Twins. Mark of Water will be attached to the enemy when the skills below are activated.

  • Lars’s 1nd
  • Krista’s 2nd
  • Krista’s 3rd(when the ice thorns are melted)

Mark of Water has these two effects.

Inclease all damage and stun duration by Lars
Targeting Lars’s 3rd skill (Lightning Bolt)

Increase all damage and stun duration by Lars

Lars’s 4th skill is a passive skill that makes all of Lars’s attack more powerful and increases stunning time if his opponent got Mark of Water.
On the mobile version, the maximum level is 120, which means Lars deals 3 times damage (+200%) and 2 times stun time (+100%) when skills are maxed out.  On the FB version lv cap is130 so it would be +220% attack power and +110% stun time.
So if the enemy has Mark of Water, Lars will deal a lot of damages over 100k(sometimes 200-300k). Furthermore, if Twins ally’s 1st artifact is Magic Attack, you can deal with unbelievable amounts of damage.

Targeting Lars’s 3rd skill (Lightning Bolt)

Lars’ 3rd skill (Lightning Bolt) is a super-powerful attack on a single target. It usually hits the nearest enemy but with Mark of Water, it will preferentially hit opponents with the mark on them like a lightning rod.

What makes this combo so strong?

Mark of Water

As mentioned earlier, Mark of Water greatly increases Lars’s offensive power due to the Lars’s 4th passive skill.
You can put Mark of Water on your opponent by Lars alone, but if Krista is on the same team, she also will put Mark of Water on her opponent. And the enemy will receive extra damage during most of the time in battle.

The synergy of skills of Krista #3 + Lars #1

Another important synergy is the skill of Krista’s 3rd and Lars’s 1st.
If you force the enemy to move over by the storm(Lars’s 1st) while Krista 3rd is activating, Krista’s thorns can deal devastating damage to the enemies.
Keep in mind that without Krista’s 3rd skill (the ice thorns on the enemy’s ground), Storm of Lars will be just a breeze.

Best Timing of Skill Activation

If Lars and Krista both have enough energy to activate the first skill, the best skill activation flow is as follows.

STEP.0.5(not necessarily required)
Krista 2nd(decrease enemys magic defense)
Krista 3rd(ice thorns on opponents ground)
(Something extra. Not necessarily required) If your team has a hero with "Artifact #1 is Magic Attack/Pen", activate the skill.
Lars 1st(Storm)
Activate Krista 1st skill
Best timing is 0.5-1 secs later after Lars’s activation

One thing you have to be aware of is that “the ice thorns by Krista#3 must not be melted while Lars’s 1st skill pushing enemies”. The source of the power of Twins combo is this “Krista #3 -> Lars #1” flow. Don’t use too early or too late. Basically, you should summon a storm right after Krista’s 3rd skill is activated. (You can’t control Krista’s 3rd skill activation timing)

If Lars’ energies are filled up 3-4 seconds after the ice thorns come out by Krista, you need to figure out if the ice thorns will melt or not before all of the enemy moving by the storm are over.

The other steps are for extra damages so not required. The key of this combo is the timing of activation of Lars’s 1st skill.
If Krista’s Energy fills up at the same time as Lars’, Krista’s 1st skill should be activated just after the enemy has moved slightly backward.
The pillars of ice deal area damage around the pillar, so the most efficient way to deal damage is when the enemies are gathered around the pillar as much as possible. But, if it’s too late, Krista’s Artifact #1(Magic Attack buff) won’t be able to take extra damage with Ice Thorn,

Absolute counters that you should never fight by Twins.

There are two opponents that a twins combo should never fight. If you had the order to fight a team that contains these guys in a Guild War, consult with your Guild Master or Generals to change your target.


Never fight against Cornelius by Twins, who is an overwhelming counter to the magic team. If a decent Cornelius’s 1st skill hits Lars, it will almost certainly kill him in one shot. Krista will be fine because she has the 4th skill, but Lars will be dead in one shot.
You must keep that in mind.
Cornelius’ #1 skill hits the hero with the highest Intelligence on the opposing team.So if you want to prevent Lars from dying instantly, you must make sure Krista’s Intelligence is higher than Lars’! Fortunately, Krista has more Intelligence when the status is maxed out.

If you’re going to fight Cornelius by Twins combo, you have to take him down before he activates his 1st skill. However, Cornelius’ other skills are troublesome. His 2nd skill is to lower twin’s Magic Attack and his 3rd skill is to raise the enemy’s Magic Defense, so normally he can’t be defeated before 1st skill is activated.

Additionally, his 4th skill is also troublesome.
His 4th skill will negate Lars’s 1st skill, so the enemy won’t move when Storm occurs by Lars’s 1st skill. This means that twins’ combos are completely neutralized.

If Astaroth & Jorgen is on your team, you can do something like “Jorghan slows down charging  Cornelius’s energy” or “Astaroth revives Lars once”, but it’s just like a gamble, so the best idea is not to fight with him by twins.


The defense against Rufus is no problem but do not attack him by Twins.
Rufus is also an anti-magic team tank.
The trouble with Rufus is that he can’t be killed by magic or pure damages. His 4th passive skill makes him really annoying that you can’t beat him with anything but physical attacks.

Especially if you’re using Twin team, it’s hard to beat Rufus with the timing of a normal (physical) attack because Lars uses a powerful magic attack by 2nd and 3rd skills and these skills are activated automatically.

If, by all means, you need to defeat Rufus by twin team…here are some Tricks.
First, defeat all the enemies except Rufus.
Then push Rufus to the edge where he can’t move any more by Lars’s 1st storm.
Then reduce Rufus’ Health by magic as possible as you can…
When your health is low enough to be defeated by a normal attack, you can finally defeat him.
If Lars is going to activate 2nd or 3rd skill, Activate 1st skill and force him to cancel it.

I made the video to defeat Rufus by Twins. So please check this.

Counters to twins.


He is a hero who are added as a counter to the Twins and K’arkh. So naturally, it’s hard to against him by Twins. However, compared to Cornelius and Rufus, you can beat him somehow, so I don’t call him an absolute counter to twins.

Andovari can anchor ally heroes to the ground and make them immobile. However, the skill can only affect Andovari himself and one other hero who is in the front of Andvari or, if Andvari is in the front line, the hero behind him.
Therefore, the other three can be moved by Lars’s storm(1st skill).
If you can beat the 3 heroes in the rearguard who get swept up by the storm, you can beat the enemy team easily.
On the other hand, if you can’t defeat all 3 rearguard heroes with the combo, there is no way to win.


Luther is not a S tier tank, but he can be very effective at harassing Twins.
Krista’s ice thorns activate against Luther who flew to your side, while Lars’s 1st skill storm activates against the remaining 4 enemies. So the “combo” of the twins will be neutralized.