• Role: Mage( Magic DPS )
  • How to get: Heroic Chest, Highwayman shop(only mobile version)
  • 1st Artifact: Magic Attack
  • feature:Basic attacks are a magic attack, High power DPS, not good at battles in haste

Satori is the high-powered magic DPS.

If you’re playing the mobile version, making Satori the main team’s DPS isn’t a bad choice.
In the mobile version, after the introduction of the Highwaymen shop, you can easily get the Stone, so if you’re a non-paying or micro-paying player, he’s definitely the first candidate for your team’s DPS.

In the other hand, in the facebook/web version, it is hard to get his soul stone.
Satori is actually very powerful in boss fights in Adventure(it’s only in FB/web ver). Especially when Orion is the boss so on A3, A7, and A11, Satori is very useful (Satori is counter to Orion) and if your Satori’s power is over 100,000, you can beat the boss of A11 by one shot.


The following status is the maximum status of Satori on FB ver. (Lv130, Red+2, Maxed skin, etc.). In mobile ver(iOS/Android), the maximum status is a bit lower because the Lv cap on mobile is 120 and no Red color, +50 Glyphs, etc.

  • Power:120753
  • Intelligence: 13614
  • Agility: 2578
  • Strength: 3233
  • Health: 262987
  • Pythical attack: 18820
  • Magic attack: 78061
  • Magic Penetration: 25368
  • Armor: 20883
  • Magic defense: 17129
Other status tables are also attached, so please check it for more information.(click to enlarge)

Fox Fire marks

If you are going to use Satori, you should understand how Fox Fire Marks works. Fox Fire Marks are small purple marks that are attached to enemies by Satori’s basic attack (1st skill), 2nd skill, and 4th skill.
When Satori activates his 1st skill, he summons the foxes. Then these foxes will run to the Fox Fire Marks and deal as much damage as the number of Fox Fire Marks.

If none of the enemies have Fox Fire Marks on them, the fox won’t even be summoned. The 1st skill deals only as much damage as the Fox Fire Marks, so if you activate the 1st skill without the Fox Fire Marks on the enemy, it won’t do any damage at all. Therefore, you should activate Satori’s 1st skill when the enemy has a certain number of Fox Fire Marks.
Fox Fire marks are very tiny marks, but you have to make sure that they are properly attached before activating the first skill. When five fox fire marks are attached, they merge to form one large Fox Fire Mark(It’s still hard to tell even if it become bigger though).


Ravenous Pack

(50% Mag. atk. + lvl * 150) 58531 maximum
[Passive]The hero’s base attacks deal magic damage and apply Fox Fire marks to enemies.
[When activating this skill]When the skill is activated, the enemies take damage for each mark applied to them.

Satori’s 1st skill has 3 functions.

  1. [Passive] Change basic attacks to Magic damage.
  2. [Passive] Attach Mark of Fox to enemies that have been hit by every basic attack.
  3. [When activating] Deal big damage to the enemies who have Mark of Fox.

[Passive]Change basic attacks to Magic damage.
This is a passive skill that makes a basic attack into a magic damage. He and Celeste are the only heroes in the game whose basic attack deal Magic damage.
The damages calculation formula for this regular magic attack is a bit more complicated. I am going straight to the point… The damage amount of Satori’s basic attack depends on Satori’s Physical Attack stat.
Please keep in mind that the damage calculation for Satori’s basic attack is different from Celeste’s. Celeste’s basic attack is calculated based on Magic Attack by skill, while Satori’s 1st skill only changes the basic attack to Magic Damage, so the damage is calculated based on Physical Attack.
However, it is tricky to calculate damage on the opponent’s side. Satori’s Magic Penetration is applied as Penetration, and the opponent’s Magic Defense sat are used for damage calculation.

[Passive]Attach Mark of Fox to enemies that have been hit by every basic attack.
Additionally, every time he does a basic attack, he attaches one Fox Fire mark to an enemy. Basically, Fox Fire Marks will be attached by this passive skill and the 2nd skill.

[When activating]Deal big damage to the enemies who have Mark of Fox.
Furthermore, this skill can deal huge damage to enemies. When the skill is activated, if there are any enemies who have Fox Fire marks, the foxes will run to them and the foxes deal damage for a number of Marks.

Spirit Banishment

(40% Mag. atk. + lvl * 25) 34474 maximum
Satori attacks all enemies, dealing damage and applying a Fox Fire mark.
The chance to apply Fox Fire Mark is lowered if target’s level is above [skill level].
This skill just works as described. Attack all enemies and attach 1 Fox Fire marks to each of them. If Satori’s Magic Penetration is high, he can damage decently to the enemies by this skill.

Centurial Wisdom

(skill level * 2 + 40) 260 maximum
Each successful base attacks steals intelligence from the enemy and restores the hero’s health by XXX% of the damage dealt. The intelligence steal is active until the battle ends and can’t be canceled.
Chance to steal intelligence and restore health is lowered if target’s level is above [skill level].

This is a pretty useful skill, especially against a magic team. Because stealing Intelligence not only makes Satori stronger but also weakens the opponent’s offensive powers.
Each Intelligence increases Magic Attack by 3, Magic Defense by 1, and Physical Attack by 1 if Intelligence is the hero’s main stat.
What this skill weakens the enemy is those stats granted by Intelligence and does not lower the stats raised as Magic Attack. It means that the enemy’s attack power will never be reduced to zero.
Using the following equipment equipped by the enemy as an example, the Intelligence+152 above will be lowered by this skill, but he cannot steal the Magic Attack+960 on the bottom by this skill.

Satori’s basic attack deals magic damage based on its Physical Attack.
If Satori’s 3rd skill level is 110, the amount of Intelligence he steals from the enemy is 260. So, every time Satori does his base attack, he gains 260 Intelligence.
And with the 260 Intelligence increase, Satori’s Physical Attack will also increase by 260. If Satori’s Magic Pen is higher than the enemy’s Magic Defense (Magic Pen > Magic Defense), then his Physical Attack value will be directly converted into the damage, and it means his base attack damage will be increased by 260.

Looming Justice

9 Fox Fire marks to enemies each time they gain bonus energy.
(The energy gained from damage dealt to a hero, using a base attack, using a skill, or killing an enemy is not considered bonus energy.)

The chance to apply Fox Fire Mark is lowered if target’s level is above [skill level].

If there is/are “hero who gain Bonus Energy by their skills” in the enemy, each time they gain Bonus Energy, they will be marked with 9 Fox Fire marks.
This skill can be very effective against specific heroes. Specifically, against K’arkh ( for 2nd skill), Jorgen (for 4th skill), and Orion (for 4th skill), Andvari’s allay who get barrier by his 4th skill. Every time they activate one of these skills, you can put 9 Fox Fire marks on them. So Satori can be a pretty nice counter to them.

It’s hard to tell the Fox Fire Marks apart in battle, but you can easily tell them apart against them. I tested for Jorgen and Orion, who is the target of this 4th skill.

Of course, they will be knocked out instantly in this situation.

Investment Priorities

Skill Priority

2nd >= 1st >> 4nd >= 3rd

If you’re short on gold, the 2nd skill is the one you need to put the most effort into, followed by the 1st skill.
This is because if your 2nd skill level is insufficient, Satori will not be able to attach Fox Fire Mark to the entire enemy. It causes this to cause a fatal drop in striking power.

And 3rd and 4th are not a requirement to win a fight in general. (The higher the better, of course.)
You should raise your 4th skill when facing an enemy who has the Energy Gain skill.

Translated with (free version)

Skin Priority

Cybernetic > Default
Satori is positionally prone to dies fast. And if Satori, your primary firepower, dies fast, it becomes so difficult to take down the enemies. So, I recommend you to get a Cybernetic skin first… it is a paid skin though.
The default skin also helps to increase firepower and should be grown, but the first priority is definitely Cybernetic skin.

Glyphs Priority

Magic Pen > Magic Attack >= Armor >= Intelligence >= Health
Basically, the first thing you need to do is raise Magic Penetration to penetrate your opponent’s Magic Defense.
If you don’t already know the importance of Penetration in this game, check out the following article.
hero-wars-damage-reduction-ratioRelationship between Attack, Defense, and PEN and the amount of damage (damage calculation formula)

The other four are on a case-by-case basis, but they are all important.
For example, if your Satori doesn’t have enough offensive power, increase its offensive power by Intelligence and Magic Attack, and if Satori is going to be taken down before you defeat your opponent, increase Armor and Health to make him tougher.

Artifacts Priority

1st >= 2nd > 3rd
The source of Satori’s attack power is the 1st skill, followed by the 2nd skill. If we assume that the 1st artifact is always activated when Satori deals damage to enemies with the 1st skill foxes, the 1st artifact is the most important. (If you’re a beginner and don’t know how artifact #1 triggers work, check out the following articles.)
What is an Artifact?What is an Artifact? But if Satori’s Magic Pen is not sufficiently developed by Glyphs or Color, you may need to upgrade 2nd for Magic Pen.

Teaming and combo

A good tank for Satori would be an Astaroth for the ability to revive.
If you will fight against magic team, I think Cleaver is the better choice. Cleaver’s 1st skill can pull the magic heroes behind the enemy to the front, and Satori’s 3rd skill can be used effectively. (Stealing Intelligence by Basic Attacks).
If your opponent is a Twins combo, it might be tougher if your tank is not Andvari.

For support, I recommend Jorgen (A1: Magic Attack) or Nebula. If you are teaming up him with Nebula, be sure to activate Satori’s 1st skill when Nebula’s ball is attached to Satori.

Martha would be more stable if you put on a healer.
If you want to add offensive power to your team, I would recommend Orion (A1:Magic Pen), but you could also add Maya (A1 Magic Defense) for another DPS, support, and some healing. (She is support hero but also will do great pure damage)

Don’t team up with Faceless as it has low synergy, unlike K’arkh. If Faceless copies Satori’s skill after Satori’s 1st skill activation, it will not deal any damage due to the lack of Fox Fire Marks.

Counter to/by


K’arkh, Jorgen, Orion, Andvari’s ally

As explained in the 4th skill section, these heroes will get a lot of Fox Fire Marks attached, so Satori is a counter to these heroes. But be careful in the case of K’arkh, because in many cases K’arkh will take him down before he take K’arkh down.


Cornelius, Sebastian(only fb/web version)

Don’t fight to Cornelius. His 1st skill can kill Satori by 1 shot.

And if you are playing on Facebook/web version, Sebastian is 100% Counter to Satori on those platforms.(Skill efficacy is slightly different from Mobile) Sebastian’s 1st skill can eliminate Fox Fire Marks so Satori will be useless against Sebastian.

Satori is a slow starter hero. Satori cannot do massive damage to his enemies unless he puts Fox Fire Marks on them. So he will only be useful in the middle to the late phase of the fight (around 40 seconds after the start of the fight).
So, Satori is often outnumbered by fast teams like Keira. Even if the fast-attacking team deals a lot of damage to Satori, and his Energy fills up soon after the fight starts, Satori’s 1st skill activation cannot do much damage because Fox Fire Marks are not sufficiently attached to the enemy on an early battle.