Event: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday event on Hero Wars

Cyber Monday is an event that takes place right after Black Friday.
This event allows you to buy Skin Stones directly, not through Emeralds.
In conclusion, if you can spend $90 or more on Cyber Monday Event, it’s a good value.


Base price(425 skin stones/$1)

Extra stones: 0%
Skin stones per 1 dollar: 425

To judge if this event is worth it or not, let’s take a look at the usual skin bundles first.
The skin bundles you can buy at any time are $19.99 for the skin + 3500 skin stones + VIP800. The skins themselves are worth 5000 skin stones, so we can say that these bundles are worth the same as 8500 skin stones for $19.99.

Event Offer 1: 10k Skin stones for 20USD (500 skin stones/$1)

Cyber Monday sale on Hero Wars
(price is JPY but it’s 19.99USD)
Extra stones: 17%
Skin stones per 1 dollar: 500

On Cyber Monday, you can buy 10,000 skin stones + VIP800 for $19.99. These Cyber Monday bundles offer extra 1500 skin stones for the same amount of money.
This means you will get 17% extra skin stones for the same price.
This is not enough of a discount to be called a Cyber Monday “Sale!!”. But if you buy all three of these offers, you’ll get a more affordable offer.

Event Offer 2: 20k Skin stones for 30USD(666 skin stones/$1)

Cyber Monday best offer
Extra stones: 56%
Skin stones per 1 dollar: 666
If you buy all of “Offer 1”, you’ll be able to purchase the second bundles.
Those bundles offer 20,000 skin stones each for 29.99USD.
This means you’ll get 56% extra skin stones compared to the bundles you could normally buy. (13,332 skins tones at a $20 conversion)
These bundles are very affordable.

Is this event a good deal? Should I buy some?

As I said at the beginning of this article, if you can spend $90 or more for this event, it’s worth it. This is because if you’re looking for a great deal, you’ll have to spend $60 to finish the first offers and unlock the second offers.
If you’re only buying “Offer 1 bundle”, then you shouldn’t spend even a single dollar. It’s better to buy the same amount of emeralds in the x4 event and open the Outland box in another event with the “XXX Emerald Spend” quest.

However, if you’re an unpaid player or a beginner just starting out in the game, buying only Offer1 to raise your VIP isn’t a bad option.
If you have some VIP, maybe VIP 7 or higher, then you have the option of spending $90 or more or not spending any $1.