Benefits by VIP and the level you should aim for

1 USD = 52-54 VIP points

In the next section, I will show you a table of the VIP points required for each VIP level.
As a basic knowledge before that, please keep in mind that the VIP points you can get for 1 USD in this game are 52-54.

For example, for $250 worth of gems
13,200 points / 250USD = 52.8 for 1 USD

300 points / 5.6USD = 53.5 for 1 USD

Special offer
7,000 points / 131 USD = 53.4 for 1 USD
Hero Wars vip points for 1usd

Table of Benefits by VIP Level

First, I will start by posting a list of benefits for each VIP level. However, beginners may need help understanding what this is if shown to them suddenly, so please take a look at this table again after reading the explanations of this article to see which VIP level is best for your play style and budget.
* Calculated as 1 USD = 53 VIP points

Explanation of each benefit

Additional daily bonus

Depending on your VIP level, you will receive additional daily bonuses on some days.
In particular, the doubling of the Lesser Hero Soul Stone Chest (50 pieces, hero selectable) on the Day 28 is quite significant, so if you can afford to pay some, you had better get up to VIP 10.

Instant Raid (VIP1+)

This is the instant raid button in the campaign mode. Simply put, it is a button to skip the battle. Note that this raid does not mean a kind of “boss battle” like other online games or Pokemon GO, but rather “skip.”
For stages where you got 3 Stars in the campaign mode, you can click this “Raid” button to finish the battle in an instant.
However, it is hard to do many consecutive clicks, so I recommend that you get your VIP to VIP 5 so that you can use the multi-raid I will introduce next.

[Important] Multi-Raid (VIP5+)

Multi-raid is a higher version of the above “raid” and allows you to complete multiple raids with a single click.
Please note that you cannot specify any arbitrary number, but rather you can choose “x10 times” or “up to the number of times you can do it with the energy you have.”

Example: When you have 100 Energy
If you have 100 Energy and a mission requires 6 Energy, the choices are as follows.
“Raid”, “Raid x10”, “Raid x16”

If you choose “Raid x16”, you will spend 6 x 16 = 96 Energy, and the remaining 4 Energy will be unspent.

Please note that each x10 raid is guaranteed to get each loots items, so please make sure to raid in multiples of 10 as much as possible when doing multiple raids.

VIP10+ Special Offer

You can purchase any combination of over 100 different bundles at any time, and you can also buy Soul Stones for your heroes and pets anytime.
You see the bundle that sometimes appears on the right side of the screen. Think of it as if it were available for buy at any time through this offer.
But remember that you can’t purchase special bundles during events.

Soul Stones are available for most major heroes, although it should be noted that not all heroes are sold. The number of stones are sold in units of 50, 80, and 150, with gold, energy potions, and other items. The number of Soul Stones varies depending on the hero and the bundle.
Note that once a bundle is purchased, it basically disappears once purchased, but after a while it may be re-sold as a bundle with a different combination of items.
When I reached VIP 10+, there were no Dorian or even Jorgan, so I think they are gradually being added. I only discovered Jorgan after I started developing him, so maybe the characters I’m developing are having an effect on that. However, more than 90% of heroes were available in the VIP10+ bundle from the beginning, so I think it is safe to assume that most heroes can be purchased when the store is opened.
However, please note that newly introduced heroes may not appear in this special offer for more than a year.

Gems and items can be purchased, but honestly there are not many cost-effective bundles other than artifacts.
It would be better to buy them at x4 events.

Additional Expedition in Airship for Artifacts (VIP8+)

Additional VIP quests are available in the Airship’s Expeditions section from VIP8.
It is only one more daily expedition, but it is not a bad option if you play on a yearly basis. Once you get VIP, it lasts forever, so you may as well get it up to VIP 8.

Double the gold in the Tower(VIP6+)

The gold you get from the Tower’s treasure chests will be increased by +25%.
If your team level exceeds 80, the gold earned from the tower itself will increase, so when combined with this VIP6+ benefit, you will receive 217,500 gold from a single treasure chest on the upper floors.
That’s pretty huge.

[Important]Gem Bonus (VIP1+)

Along with multi-raid, this is the true value of VIPs.
Depending on your VIP level, the amount of gems you purchase will be increased.
At VIP 15, the amount of Gems increases by 120%. The difference becomes clear when this is purchased during the x4 event.

The amount of Gems that increase is hard to tell when you check in-game, so please use this chart to check the amount of Gems.

Additional battles in the arena (VIP3+)

This is to increase the number of arena matches by spending gems.
There are few opportunities to use it. Paradoxically, players of that level are never below VIP3, so it is not a factor that needs to be taken into account.

Coin Roulette (VIP1+)

This is to increase the upper limit of Coin Roulette (Emerald Exchange).
The maximum number of times you can spin the coin roulette is increased to 25 times a day with VIP1, and up to 300 times with VIP15.

How much higher should I upgrade my VIP?

That depends on your style of play, but I think you better get at least VIP 1 and have the Raid button available, which ends the battle with one click. I forget the price, but I think it was around $1 or so.
It is a pain and a waste of time to do every mission you have already done, so hold out for a cup of coffee and buy some time.
It is also better to get up to VIP5 and get the multi-raid function to save more time.